ReynoldReynold did not have a lot to smile about when he came to Goodwill-Easter Seals. He was homeless, unemployed and had not seen his daughter in more than two years. Feeling defeated, Reynold became a participant of FATHER Project and set out to become financially stable and good parent.

Reynold quickly became a passionate participant of FATHER Project. He attended parenting groups to learn parenting skills and how to support his daughter emotionally. He worked with a case manager to find a place to live and to gain job seeking skills and navigate legal issues.

His hard work paid off — "Now, I'm seeing my daughter just about every week." he said, "She's in fifth grade now, getting ready to go to space camp in Alabama. I'm really proud of her for that."

Reynold is currently employed with a community organization, and he volunteers with FATHER Project where he facilitates the same parenting groups which helped him turn his life around. He is an active community member and gives presentations about being a father and serving the community.

Reynold discovered his true potential through hard work and determination. He now has a life he could not imagine when he first walked through the doors of in FATHER Project.